Mario Molina

Mario Molina, Chemist, Scientist, Nobel Prize Winner

Physical chemist Mario Molina was interested in science at an early age and created his own chemistry lab in a bathroom at his home.

After completing his studies in Mexico and Germany, he moved to the United States to obtain an advanced degree in physical chemistry at the U.C. Berkeley.

He won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995 for his work on the effects of man-made compounds on the ozone layer... Continue reading

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Latino Leader Named Head Of City Colleges Of Chicago

In the midst of a controversial overhaul, a Latino community leader has been tapped to take the helm of the City Colleges of Chicago.
Juan Salgado will replace Cheryl Hyman, a former corporate executive, as the head of the state’s largest community college network
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel praised Hyman for improving the City Colleges’ graduation rate and consolidating programs with a focus on linking them to jobs under a plan called Reinvention. She also raised tuition and created a tuition structure that favored full-time students over those taking classes part time.
Those moves were sharply criticized by faculty and some community groups as a top-down initiative that they said limited student access…
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