Mario Molina

Mario Molina, Chemist, Scientist, Nobel Prize Winner

Physical chemist Mario Molina was interested in science at an early age and created his own chemistry lab in a bathroom at his home.

After completing his studies in Mexico and Germany, he moved to the United States to obtain an advanced degree in physical chemistry at the U.C. Berkeley.

He won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995 for his work on the effects of man-made compounds on the ozone layer... Continue reading

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Latino ‘Genius’ Grew Language-Learning App Duolingo to 150M Users

Ask Luis Von Ahn why he decided to become an entrepreneur and he will tell you that the career actually chose him. When he was a professor at Carnegie Mellon in 2005, he developed a program that websites could use to distinguish humans from robots. CAPTCHA became so popular that school officials urged Von Ahn to turn the program into something more.
“At some point the university was kicking the project out because it had too many users and they just said, ‘You can’t be in the university, you have to do something about it,'” he says. “I had to turn it into a company.”…
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